Why BrickMark


Enjoy the benefits of fractional ownership in a diversified global prime property portfolio. Benefit from active management by one of the worlds best real estate investment teams. Earn a stable return from rental income. Participate in long term value growth. Avoid high broker commissions and transaction fees.

Safe haven for crypto wealth

The safety and stability of token value reflects the characteristics of a large, diversified, institutional quality portfolio of commercial and multi-family residential property assets.

Attractive passive income

Token owners participate in predictable, recurring high quality rental income and in the development of the underlying asset value.

Superior corporate governance

BrickMark adheres to international best practices of governance by providing full quarterly financial transparency, annual statutory audits, external independent third party real estate appraisals, and tokenholder representation in corporate organs via voting rights.

Easy access

BrickMark provides international investors quick and efficient exposure to a large and diversified portfolio of institutional quality real estate.

How it works

Ecosystem Architecture


Institutional real estate investors

Owners of individual real estate assets or large portfolios contribute holdings to BrickMark in exchange for BrickMark tokens

Crowd Investors

Investors contribute cash or cryptocurrency to BrickMark in exchange for BrickMark tokens and benefit from stable and recurring future distributions


On track to be traded on regulated token exchanges, each token represents a security entitling its owner to participate in rental income from BrickMark´s actively managed portfolio, with a claim on the net asset value of the underlying properties

Operations Architecture

Our team has decades of experience managing multi billion USD real estate investment portfolios, on behalf of global investors. We build on our track record of exceeding investor expectations to create a new “Gold Standard” for asset backed crypto currencies.

Asset management

Active ownership of a portfolio of property, including acquisition and disposal, leasing, re-leasing, renovation, development with the objective of maximizing long-term rent generation and supported by proprietary analytics, data collection, comprehensive market research and in-house underwriting.

Property management

Outsourced to selected leading local property managers. Constantly monitored and supervised by our in-house asset management experts.

Governance and transparency

Full public disclosure of portfolio level and sub-portfolio level property performance metrics on a quarterly basis, involvement of all stakeholders in governance and key decision-making, statutory audits and independent external property appraisals.

Prop-tech solutions

Deployment of in-house and third party proptech innovations toward greenhouse reduction, accounting/reporting efficiency and tenant satisfaction.

Our Vision

Making global real estate ownership accessible to everyone

The Blockchain is revolutionizing global capital and financial markets. The ambiguous underlying value of most blockchain powered cryptocurrencies has contributed to high volatility. Moreover, unregulated offerings, substandard governance and poor transparency of token issuers and -markets fail to meet the quality requirements for both mainstream and professional investors.

It is BrickMark’s vision to merge the advancements provided by the blockchain with the proven and profitable business model of active real estate ownership at a multibillion dollar scale, creating new regulated tokenized securities while setting a new standard of stakeholder representation.

BrickMark also will provide a new solution for individual and professional investors to achieve liquid exposure to large portfolios of institutional quality real estate assets, overcoming the inefficiencies and disadvantages of traditional forms of real estate investing through the application of blockchain technology.

As one of the world’s leading blockchain based real estate company, we aspire to become a low volatility safe haven for a new generation of digitalized, while adhering to the highest international standards of governance and transparency.



Management Team

The management team joins together highly experienced professionals of diverse backgrounds, with individual specializations in all core aspects of the BrickMark AG business model

External Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of the most senior level industry professionals from across the company’s areas of activity, including real estate, finance, legal and technology.

News & Updates

STOs backed by Real Estate

Challenges and Opportunities Part 1. – Text excerpt: “A lot of fanfare has been made in the crypto sphere about the potential to fractionalize investment in real estate by issuing tokens backed by individual buildings…

STOs backed by Real Estate

Challenges and Opportunities Part 1. – Text excerpt: “A lot of fanfare has been made in the crypto sphere about the potential to fractionalize investment in real estate by issuing tokens backed by individual buildings… read more

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